25 agosto 2007

Shrek 3 reloaded

Dicevo di aver visto Shrek 3.

A me è piaciuto. Molto.

Ho cercato qualche reazione in rete.

Critica impietosa .

Flat and pointless, "Shrek the Third" is a sequel made for the worst reason, merely to keep a mega franchise in the public eye and to position it for TV and Broadway spinoffs.
ROTTEN TOMATOES: Shrek the Third (2007) Movie Review

Commento molto positivo

The many references to movies and pop-culture are still fast and furious (one film NOT referenced) including a very odd mix of “It’s Alive” and “Porkys”… trust me, it’s damn funny. This is a smart, sweet story with fantastic animation and a few moments of sheer comic brilliance. All the while it delivers a positive message for children about being yourself no matter what others think, even if it is a bit clichéd.
Review: Shrek 3


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